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Our mission is to promote research and education in healthcare focusing on cardiovascular disease, cancer and breast disease.

Manchester Surgical Research Trust(MSRT) was set up as a registered charity in 1989 when Professor McCollum was appointed to the Chair of surgery in Manchester and in turn appointed Professor Mansell to lead the Breast Unit. The intention was to provide an independent source of research funding that would allow the Department of Surgery in south manchester to maintain research staff who were between grants. As part of the negotiation with the University of Manchester, Professors McCollum and Mansell (and all subsequent consultant grade members of the Department of Surgery) agreed that their private practice fee income would be collected by MSR Limited, a trading company wholly owned by MSRT. In this way, a substantial proportion of fee income earned by surgeons in the Department of Surgery (now the Academic Surgery Unit) is denoted by MSR Limited to MSRT.

The objectives of MSRT are to improve the health of our population through research and education. Over the years, MSR funds have been used to pay the salaries of research staff, purchase equipment and pay for other running expenses in research projects not fully funded by grant income. MSRT also pays for the education and training of Academic Surgery Unit staff including their attendance at conferences and symposia to disseminate the results of our research. Our articles of association allow the Trustees to invest money in order to enhance both capital and income available to meet these objectives. All expenditure involving the appointment of staff is through the University of Manchester.